Friday, November 10, 2006

Tank God it's Friday!

Back in the day I used to be a paintball fanatic. As I've mentioned, I was a certified comic book collecting, sci-fi reading, cyberspace cruising, Star Wars watching, paintball flailing GEEK.

My buddy Steven, who was part of our merry band of Star Wars geeks lo those many years ago, found this - the ultimate paintballer's dream... Tank Paintball Wars!!

If that don't get ya stoked baby, nothing will!

In case you haven't seen it yet, the new trailer for Spider-Man 3 just hit the net. To quote my amigo Steven, "I think I just wet myself." This will undoubtedly be the ultimate Spidey flick! Take a gander and see for yourself!

Like many of you, Fran and I tend to watch the occasional reality TV show, such as American Idol. The first few episodes of each new season are usually filled with a plethora of seriously disillusioned people as they try to get on the show. For some ungodly reason, these wackjobs literally think they can sing... when many times they make the screeching of an alley cat sound harmonious. Who in their life told them they were good enough to go on a show watched by millions? It's absolutely hilarious watching these - say it with me now - sheep argue with Paula, Simon and Randy on the virtues of their "outstanding vocal talents" even as the three judges are trying to stop the profuse bleeding gushing from their ears. Take these "singers" for example...

Last season we saw Chris Daughtry get booted unceremoniously near the end, for no apparent reason other than he's a "rocker." Forget the fact that he was without a doubt the best damn singer on the show. Apparently American Idol simply can not allow a "rocker" to win. Instead they got Tylor Hicks, a 29 year old who looks like he's 59. Admittedly, the guy has a good voice and the charisma (which is the real reason he won), but... come on. Thankfully, Chris didn't let that stop him. On November 21st, his new album entitled Daughtry (which is also the name of his new band) comes out. Check out clips from his 12 new songs here. This thing is gonna RAWK!

Have a great weekend... it's only a few hours away from Beer:30. Tank God!

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