Monday, November 27, 2006

Not Dead...

... just really busy. When is Thanksgiving NOT busy though, right? I mean, aside from stuffing your face for 4 days straight with a meat that releases a chemical (tryptophan) known to cause drowsiness, there's the realization that in one month Christmas (not "Holidays" or some other PC crock of crap verbiage) will be upon us. Which means the year is almost over. I coulda sworn I was JUST toasting in 2006.

Anywho... until such time as I have time to write another outrageous blog o' fun, check out the trailer for the kick ass new flick called Pathfinder coming in January!! Go to the site and watch the QuickTime version. (Thanks for telling me about it Nay!)

Oh, and check out the new trailer for this upcoming game called Hellgate: London. WOWZER!

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