Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hypocrites, Hypochondriacs and High-Def

A year ago the wife and I sprung for a Toshiba 62" high-definition television. We had some issues with it during the summer, when the power supply crapped out on us and we discovered - much to our chagrin - that the local "authorized" service provider for Ultimate Electronics was run by a bunch of retarded baboons. It took 3 months to fix. But that's a sordid story for another time...

What I want to rant about today is the inability of our local television stations (mainly the CBS affiliate, KKTV, which is my fave station ironically) to keep their High-Def broadcasting functioning. I know it's not just a problem at our house either because this very same hit/miss/working/not working randomness is happening with a friend of ours on the far south side of town as well.

Take for instance yesterday. My St. Louis Rams were playing (poorly) the Kansas City Chiefs in the early game (11am). NFL games are broadcast in HD, but not this one. In fact, even the first 15 minutes of the Broncos game wasn't in HD. But magically, around 2:30 PM, the broadcast popped into HD and stayed that way the rest of the night. And it's not just NFL games. Over the last several weeks we've noticed this random HD/not HD broadcasts occurring during our favorite shows. Why?

Before the NBC affiliate here (KOAA) finally got off their collective asses and got their HD working (after promising to have it ready to rock for the Olympics, and never did), KKTV had the best, most reliable HD service in "our little village." Not anymore. It's now actually the worst. I have no idea what's going on, but it's REALLY starting to tick me off. Did some rats get up in there and chew on the cables or what? GET IT FIXED NUMNUTZ!

Speaking of imbeciles... I don't know if you anyone else saw the new advertising campaign for Haggar (not Haggard, as in Ted - I'll get to him in a minute) Slacks yesterday during football, but it's hilarious! "Making Things Right with Pete & Red." If you want to see the uncut version of the one we saw yesterday, click the play button below... and be prepared to laugh your ass off! These guys are my new heroes!

Trap a mime with Plexiglas?! CLASSIC! There are three other commercials in this series that are equally as funny. One about washing the car, another on how toss your daughter's boyfriend out a window, and lastly... giving back dog crap! Go here to check them out!

While we're on commercials... why is it that when you watch a commercial for some new drug that half the commercial is spent listing the side effects? Why the hell would ANYONE take a drug to fix ONE problem when it causes 14 others? We've turned into a country full of hypochondriacs.

Lastly... wonder how the folks over at New Life are going to cover up, er... I mean deal, with the fall of their drug buying (but never using - ya sure right!), paying for sex from a male prostitute, Pastor. Ouch. And his wife is going to stand by him "until death do us part"? Or at least until the hubbub dies down. Then... ADIOS pervert!

Hypochondriac, hypocritical sheep. Nice.

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