Thursday, June 07, 2007

Traffic 411

Got a question for all you Colorado Springs Gazette folks (Andy, Terry, Warren, etc.)...

What's up with the traffic flux on Thursdays here?

I've been keeping track of this odd phenomena for the last 2 years now, so I know this isn't just a bizarre coincidence. It starts in the mornings when I'm walking our dog Osa around the block. The number of cars that leave on Thursday mornings (and ONLY on Thursday mornings) is double what it is the other four days of the week. When we hit I-25 on the north end of down, the traffic is atrocious. What's up with that?! Does everyone go to church on Thursday morning, are there more schools in session? Is there something that Fran and I are missing... like a beer tasting or something?!?!

Speaking of schools... I can NOT believe the number of cars that are added to I-25 during the school year. It's absolutely insane! Every day this week (since school let out) we are CRUISING to work. There's NO traffic! This will last right up until school starts back up. Again, this is something I've noticed over the last 3 years or so (we live on the far north side of town and work way down on the south side and traverse the whole of Cosmix every day), so I know it's not just me. What's up with that? Are there that many kids that have to be driven to school here?!


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