Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Perfect Timing

Let me set the stage here...

Monday night we went to sleep to rain and thunder and lightning. Woke up Tuesday morning to maybe an inch of snow on the ground. No big deal. Got to work on the south side of town, a mere 22 miles away mind you, where it rained all day long. It was not rain at our house up along the Palmer Divide. By the time we got home there was over a foot of snow. We couldn't get up the driveway in our four wheel drive Jeep (the one with new snow tires).

This was not your ordinary snow though... oh no, that would be far too easy. This snow was as wet and heavy as I can recall since we moved here. It was akin to the massive blizzard we had back in - say it with me now - April of 2003. And by wet and heavy, I mean SOAKING wet and heavier then a bag of f'ing rocks. Trees are literally bent over from the weight. And it was one of these bent over trees that apparently gave up the ghost in the middle of the night, snapped and pulled down a slew of power lines. Sometime overnight our power went out. When we left the house this morning for work, sans a shower or coffee - the two staples of every living humans morning routine, it was still out.

I proceeded to dig our way out of at least 18 inches of snow. I literally waded through a drift, because it felt like walking in water, that was mid-thigh. It took several attempts to get Krystle's truck out, then our Jeep unstuck. Thankfully most schools were closed so a good 60% of the cars that are normally on the road - weren't. But we still encountered more crashes (we counted 6) on our way to work then we've seen in a while. By the time we hit North Academy there wasn't a flake of snow to be seen. I mean ZERO snow. It's bizarre to have such a localized blizzard (because that's what it was) like that. That's what we get for living above 7200 feet I guess.

Despite all that... a more perfect set up for a vacation there never was. In 22 hours Fran and I will be on a plane heading to Jamaica where there is no snow to shovel, Arctic air to dodge, dogs to walk in a blizzard... nothing to worry about 'cept making sure the red flag is upright on the beach calling for another rum drenched beverage.

Ya'll have fun with this crap... we're outta here!

UPDATE: Power has been restored at the house. WHEW!

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