Friday, April 13, 2007

People are Stupid

There, I said it.

I dare someone - anyone - to argue with me. I double dog dare you! Billions of time each and every day this fact gets proven - repeatedly. But in you case you've forgotten, let me remind you of a few things that have happened near our "little village" recently.

1) A few months back a couple of real MENSA types decided it was a good idea to burn down a 135 unit apartment complex full of living, breathing human beings. Why did this happen? Because one of these worthless bags of skin had an argument with his girlfriend who lived there. She escaped the blaze, but two other people died and hundreds of others lost every possession they ever had.

2) A 28-year old woman down in Pueblo sold her 5-month old baby so she could buy a Dodge Intrepid. Yup, you read that right. If that weren't bad enough... she might actually get her baby back. What government agency thought this was a good idea? How could they even consider this a viable option? Not only should she not get her baby back, but she should have her tubes tied and never be allowed to conceive. EVER! But then, allowing people of this ilk - poor and stupid - (this is not ethnically driven all you Politically Correct saps) to reproduce for any reason just breeds (pardon the pun) a vicious cycle of poverty, government subsidized living (that we pay for) and wholesale idiocy. The chances of that baby turning out to actually be a productive member of society is slim to none. Things like this just reinforce my belief that to have a baby (all) humans should be required to take a test proving they are mentally, physically and financially capable of raising a child. We have tests for EVERYTHING under the sun, why not that? Humans have abused the right (one of many by the way) of having babies whenever they damn well please for far too long... it's time it got taken away.

3) A few weeks backs there was a 40 car pile up on I-25 around the Palmer Divide. Anyone who lives here KNOWS how treacherous that stretch of highway is. Let me set the stage: it's snowing so hard it looks like God decided to create another plague called the "Charmin toilet paper deluge"; the wind is hollowing louder than an Imus radio show; and it's icier then an Avalanche hockey arena. Exactly what has to take place for the dumb ass drivers in this state to understand TAILGATING is unacceptable? They should rename the state motto to: "The Tailgating State," or "Traffic Laws? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Traffic Laws State." I've been around the country, and I've seen a lot of drivers... but Colorado contains the worst I've ever seen.

4) The Colorado Springs Gazette has a new food critic by the name of Nathaniel Glen. He's such a good writer that he makes reading restaurant reviews funny. Two things that aren't usually associated with each other. But some people, the "Politically Correct" types that have too much free time on their hands and who want to energize the most mundane articles or topics with ________ (fill in the blank with politics, racism, religion, etc.) overtones where they most obviously aren't, just can't help themselves. Read Warren Epstein's comments at the beginning of today's Go Section, then head over to the Gazette Dining Blog to see the absurdity of what I'm referring to. Oh, and Nate... if you read this, get in touch with me - I want to buy you a beer! Cheers!

5) Don't even get me started on New Life Church's ex-gay-drug-buying-pastor, Ted Haggard. Or how the "counseling team" overseeing his "rehabilitation" says he's now completely healed and "completely heterosexual." Can someone even become ungay, let alone within a few short months? Would someone please step forward and explain exactly how that process occurs?

Expanding the net of stupidity...

Some dumb ass principle of a Jr. High school in Minnesota was arrested for - get this - selling crystal amphetamines OUT OF HIS OFFICE after school. Oh, but it gets better. Guess what the cops encountered when they arrived at the school to arrest him? He was naked, watching gay porn. IN HIS OFFICE.

Back at the beginning of March a 23-year old female middle school teacher in Clinton, South Carolina, was arrested for having sex with at least five of her male students. They were between the ages of 14 and 15.

See... stupid people are everywhere. They are of every race, color, creed, and religion. Stupidity doesn't play favorites. It's not swayed by bias. It just is.

STOP... er, "SOTP" the Madness!

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