Friday, October 27, 2006

Well I'll be a...

The local weather dudes nailed this one! The snow started falling between 3:30 and 4:00 AM MST and kept on dropping until around 4:30 PM. When all was said and done approximately 24 inches had fallen up at our house on the north side of Colorado Springs. Thanks to my neighbor's snow plow (thanks for letting me borrow it, Bob!), after an hour and a half I was able to dig our driveway out.

I gotta give props to the Springs DOT, because this morning as we made our way to work (on the extreme far south side of town), the roads were in great shape! KUDOS!

The news coverage in our little village was done really well. KKTV (Channel 11) was all over it like a well oiled machine. Until they went off the air due to a power failure! Fortunately we have the hi-def Moxi box programming, so it didn't effect us much.

While I'm not a big fan of Shannon Brinias or Don Ward, I like the rest of the crew. And like I mentioned, Brian Bledsoe is THE MAN when it comes to weather men in this area. I hate - and even that's not strong enough - the Fox affiliate here, KRXM. Ironically, I enjoy Stephanie Pytlinski and Joe Cole the most out of all the anchors in the city, but detest nearly every other person (especially all the new people) they have on their crew. For starters, NONE of them should be on television. It's not that they're not attractive enough, they just don't belong on TV. Nor do many of them appear to have ever been in front of a camera before. I'm not saying I can do better, but then... that's not my job. Secondly, it looks like they're broadcasting out of someone's garage. HORRIFIC set, poor video quality... come on - I can do better with my Sony Handycam! I know they just went through a major revamping of the station, but it's looked bad for as long as I've lived here, so it's not that.

Speaking of weathermen... last night we watched "The Weatherman," starring Nick Cage. It was... interesting. Not good, not bad, just... weird.

Ok, back to shoveling the snow.

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