Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Boo-b Tube...

Never was there a more appropriate term for a more appropriate day. It's Halloween, and a bunch of television news has trickled out over the last two days that is frankly, both mind boggling and horrifying.

In the Life section of yesterday's edition of The Gazette, Diane Holloway of the Cox News Service wrote an article about how NBC was being patient even though their show Friday Night Lights was losing viewers by the droves on a weekly basis. No matter where they shuffled the thing in their weekly lineup. I'm not a fan of Lights. It's Beverly Hills 90210 on a football field in Texas. But that's cool... different strokes for different folks and all that. 'Cept in this case, NO ONE is watching it. Yet, for some odd reason NBC is clutching on to it with the grip of a dead man. Why didn't they do this with what I feel is a FAR superior show in Kidnapped?

I've read that Kidnapped (which is on its way out after its initial 13 episodes have played out), along with CBS' Smith (which was axed after 3 episodes and also contained a stellar cast) are "too complicated" for the average mindless couch potato to grasp. Which makes sense considering that gawdawful shows like Dancing with the Stars, The Biggest Loser, and Extreme Makeover are what really excites the mass of sheep who sit in front of their TV screens every night with drool trickling down the side of their mouth.

I read Andy W's column in today's Colorado Springs Gazette, and found more horrifying news. First, let's address ABC and their slipping rating's juggernaut, Lost. So ABC is going to fulfill it's promise of not showing us Lost reruns by going off the air for 3 months?! NICE! I'm sorry, but that's out and out crap. My response? "Get lost, ABC. And take your lil show with you."

What I didn't know is that Fox's Prison Break is also taking this path. Why? ARGH!

Some days I just want to dress up like a gladiator and hack n' slash my way through the throng of sniveling, mindless bobble heads that run things.

Know what I mean?

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