Monday, October 23, 2006

Let me rant a bit about myself before this blog gets too far.

I do more than post the view's of others and just agree with them. This is actually one of a two blogs I storm around in. My other blog, the original Ramblings of a Mad Man, is a game oriented blog that I do for, which was recently purchased by the mega-conglom known as AOL. I serve as their Associate PC Editor. I limit that particular piece of cyberspace (as much as humanly possible) to ranting about the video game industry, its wares and moronic machinations.

On occasion (OK, more than that...) I would ramble about non-gaming topics. While I wasn't directly asked to stop, I was getting the ole "evil eye." Because I can't stop rambling, and I didn't want to lose my cushy gig at GD/AOL, I decided to start a second "Ramblings" where I could conduct my personal rants and raves about all things NOT associated with gaming. Politics, religion, sports, stupid people (politicians, religious leaders, athletes) doing stupid things... nothing will be off limits here. Of that you can be certain.

I meant what I said about Rich Tosches. The guy was great, and I'm sorry he's gone. Every place needs a person like Rich. Hopefully I can do him a modicum of service by picking up his torch and... you thought I was going to say "run with it," didn't you?

Oh no. In my case, it's... "light fires under the asses of the ignorant masses!"

Strap in and hold on tight boys n' girls... 'cuz the Mad Man is here to stay!

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