Friday, October 27, 2006

This just in from the "WTF"!?! file...

While perusing the Food Section in Wednesday's edition of The Gazette I came across an article about one Justin Gignac. Justin is a "waste disposal manager." Or as some might say, an "art" collector. That is, if you call GARBAGE art. Seriously... he goes around the streets of New York City picking up stuff that other people throw away and stuffs it into little plastic boxes.

Sure... our world is chalk full of nutbags, and NYC has more than their fair share of them, but this particular wackjob - er, I mean "entrepreneur" - then turns around and sells his collected crap in a box to other nutbags (or as I like to call them - sheep, because they're as dumb as the woolly beasts) who are asinine enough to pay him $50 a pop for a Snicker's wrapper stuck inside a fifteen cent plexiglass cube and call it @*#$ing art! If you're so inclined - and please don't let me know that you are - check out his work at NYC Garbage.

Or... you can go outside, look into your trash can, and find the exact same thing! For free. Your choice.

I suggest that everyone stupid enough to have purchased one of these "works of art" be taken out behind the barn and beat unmercifully about the head and shoulders.

I may not be a proponent of Darwin's evolutionary speculations, but sometimes ya gotta wonder!

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