Monday, January 14, 2008

Just come clean already

Dan Le Batard, long time sports columnist for the Miami Herald and frequent visitor to PTI, wrote perhaps one of the best articles I've read concerning the whole steroid/performance enhancing issue - in baseball. Since the same standards seemingly do not apply to football players; see Shawne Merriman (aka Shawne Steroid-man), Rodney Harrison (aka A-Roidney Harrison), etc. But I digress...

Le Batard's article, Honesty about steroids would be refreshing, is excellent. Here's an excerpt:
Just one time, above all the noise from media members shaking their torches and pitchfork-wielding politicians following instead of leading, I'd like to hear one thoughtful athlete cut through the crud and say that he/she isn't sorry for anything other than this ridiculous hysteria surrounding our fun and games.

No more lame B-12 excuses. No more homespun ''I took human growth hormone just so that I could get back to aid my teammates, city, church and community.'' No more finger-wagging lies before Congress or 60 Minutes or federal grand juries.

Read the full article here. If you're a true sports fan you'll dig what Dan's shoveling.

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