Thursday, January 24, 2008

The "Dysfunctional" Minute Man

Dysfunction is described as: any malfunctioning part or element.

How can something be a "dysfunction" when every man on the planet seems to be affected by the exact same thing? Wouldn't that be called... normal?

How do I know it's every man? Why, the endless number of drugs on the market and the deluge of advertisements that constantly bombard us on television, radio and in print of course. If you take all the media hype as fact then "Erectile Dysfunction" ("E.D." for the virginal ears of television viewers) must be a global pandemic the likes of The Black Death. According to those trying to sell you a stiffy it's a "disease" that must be eradicated at all costs. God forbid we should be afflicted by a flaccid phallus.

Seriously, has anyone ever met a single guy who can go at it like the damn Energizer Bunny? Oh, you have? So you were present to watch his heroic feats of hedonism? No you weren't. All you have is the word of that person, undoubtedly infused with ego, alcohol - or both. The only time you actually ever "see" people engaging in endless hours of sack soaking, head banging sex is in movies - porn or otherwise. Which of course is completely fake.

So basically what we're being told is that the inability to replicate the actions of a porn star and not have a woody that lasts 6 hours is now considered a "dysfunction" in our society.

Is it really a "dysfunction"or is it a myth cooked up by the opportunistic pharmaceutical industry? One of the two special interest groups (the other being oil) that essentially run this country... and are continually out to screw us.


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