Friday, February 01, 2008

Lost is found!

Lost is back... in a big way! If you missed it, sorry. You missed one of the best episodes since season 1. This 4th season is truncated, so there will only be 8 episodes, and if they're all like the premiere (as I suspect they will)... holy crapola! GREAT, GREAT STUFF!

Pretty sure you can watch the episode at ABC's website, so try to find it. If not, check out the fantastic LostEasterEggs website (I have a perma-link to the right) for a literal frame by frame breakdown of every single episdode. Thought you saw evertyhing? Not a chance. After viewing the breakdown on the LEE site you'll want to watch each episode over again. Trust me on this.

Plus, Andy Wineke (the TV guy for the Colorado Springs Gazette) and I always jibber-jabber about the latest episode on his blog, SpringsTV Talk. Check it out and join in the conversation, or feel free to drop a comment here!

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