Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tosches is Back!

Rich Tosches is back in the Springs!

Kinda. See, he never really left... he still lives in Colorado Springs. But for the last 2 years he has worked for the Denver Post. When the Post restructured things recently they put the "Rocky Mountain Ranger" out to pasture. Thankfully, The Independent wrangled him back into their stable.

Starting today Ranger Rich is back. Ooooh how he's back! Check out his first diatribe with The Independent by clicking this link... and read all about! Here's a peak: "Pastor Ted sure liked Peter." GET OUT! He did NOT just say that!?


Glad your back man! We... OK - I - missed your colorful railings of the monkeys who live in our "little village."

Damn, now I have to go and change my blog's header/intro rant. Ah, who cares... RICH IS BACK! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!

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