Monday, July 16, 2007

Croatia in the hooooouuuuuse!

Croatia has been getting pimped quite a lot lately. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but Croatia is where my Grandfather (dad's side) was born. The birthplace of my crazy last name!

Apparently Croatia is THE new international hot spot. The May/June issue of Draft Magazine listed Croatia at #1 in their regular bi-monthly column, Top Ten Places to Drink a Beer.

As I was doing some research on the all high-definition Channel INHD (now called Mojo) about a show called Beer Nutz (a show about beer), I found a show called Three Sheets with Zane Lamprey, which is being advertised as "The World's Biggest Pub Crawl." Now that's something I can relate to! Lucky bastard. Anywho, this Zane dude is currently in Croatia!

Here are a few tidbits I picked up off their site about my homeland. Go here to check it all out!

  • The Croatian term zivjeli means "to life" and is often used as a toast.
  • Croatia is regarded as one of Europe's hottest tourist destinations.
  • The tie was invented in Croatia.
  • The dalmatian dog originated from Dalmatian coast of Croatia.
  • The term "domestic" is derived from Domus, meaning home.
With all this publicity... I might just have to go visit the ole homeland soon and track down some of my kin so I can have some homemade grappa and maraska!


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