Friday, May 25, 2007

Pee & Poo

So this is what its come down to, huh? Is this really what we want to give our kids as toys?

And no, those are not Hershey Chocolate Kisses... they are exactly what you think they are. But there's more... there's a whole line of pee and poo products.

I mean, how did this idea even get off the drawing board? You would think at some point during the process from conception to production that SOMEONE would have stood up and said, "Guys, turning human waste byproducts into cute lil marketing gimmicks isn't such a good idea."

Those are toy recreations of human urine and feces in that plastic box folks. PEE & POO!


I guess you could give this to someone and say, "Have a Shitty Day" with a smile on your face. Right?

* (thanks for passing this along to me Steve-o!)

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