Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Bad, bad, bad teacher

Cameron Diaz is a funny actress. I've liked her in virtually everything she's been in. I do not however find her overly attractive. Much the same way I don't find Scarlett Johansson overly attractive. Ya, you read that right.  I just don't get her hotness factor.  There's something about Diaz's overly large face and wide mouth.  To me attractive is Minka Kelly and Jennifer Aniston, but that's a post for another time. Back to Cameron Diaz...

Every interview I've ever seen her in provides further proof that she is one of the most down to earth stars in Hollywood.  She seems like one of the guys. And her new movie "Bad Teacher" (due out June 17) might be her funniset movie yet. With a cast that includes Justin "I'm a movie star now" Timberlake, the chubby sales lady from "The Office," and that one guy from "How I Met Your Mother"... well, take a look at the trailer. I laugh my ass off  - "LMAO" for those who need text speak to get through the day - every time I watch it. 

WARNING: The following video contains material that is waaaaay inappropriate for anyone under the age of 17.

Hey, if vulgar movies starring guys can be hits - do I need to list them all? - why can't a vulgar movie starring a gal be a hit, right?


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whoptbird said...

On board with the looks. She is like one of the guys, and kinda looks like one too. Doesn't do anything for me. Trailer was good hope movie doesn't suck :)